Does CBD Make You Sleepy?: A Guide on CBD for Insomnia

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Does CBD Make You Sleepy?: A Guide on CBD for Insomnia

The CBD market is thriving in the United Kingdom. In fact, the industry is valued at nearly €300 million. In the next five years, the market is expected to grow to approximately € 1 billion.

One area that CBD companies are looking to expand to is insomnia treatment. The truth is that one in three adults do not get enough sleep. Research shows that CBD makes users sleepy and may be a solution for people with sleep issues.

Read on if you are wondering does CBD make you sleepy? Explore how CBD products may provide a solution for insomnia.

What Are the Root Causes of Insomnia?

First, let’s dive into the root causes of insomnia. Many people suffer from insomnia because of stress or anxiety. Another common reason for sleep issues is depression.

CBD attacks the root cause of insomnia and treats all three of these issues. It is scientifically proven to relax your mind and allow you to rest.

People who suffer from insomnia also deal with fatigue and exhaustion throughout the day. With small doses, CBD can sustain your energy levels and keep you alert. This will help you establish a consistent sleep pattern.

There are other root causes that are alleviated by CBD use. For example, some medications are known to disrupt your sleep-wake cycle. Many people are able to replace routine medicine consumption with all-natural CBD.

It also treats physical conditions that disrupt sleep patterns. Chronic leg syndrome, for instance, is an ailment that wakes many people from their sleep. Finally, CBD also helps with arthritis, migraines, and skeletal pain.

How Does CBD Improve Sleep?

In addition to addressing the root causes, CBD is also proven to improve sleep. One way CBD achieves this is by improving sleep quality.

The medical community concurs that interrupted sleep is not the same as the uninterrupted variety. In fact, 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep is better than 8 hours tossing and turning.

CBD helps improve sleep quality by interacting with serotonin and gaba receptors. These receptors are directly involved with regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Another positive factor is the reduction in dream recall.

Why Should You Take CBD Instead of Sleeping Pills?

CBD is an all-natural substance that produces no side effects. Sleeping pills, on the other hand, come with a litany of side effects and unintended consequences.

Most notably, sleeping pills are powerful and make many users incredibly groggy. This significant side effect is present even after a long sleep.

The effects of sleeping pills are so profound that they come with operation warnings. Some medicines recommend that you do not drive an automobile or operate heavy machinery.

Does CBD Make You Sleepy? A Recap

CBD yields many positive health benefits. Amongst these benefits include a natural treatment of anxiety and stress.

Treating these root causes can help you fall asleep easier. In addition, CBD is known to foster uninterrupted sleep. It reduces the likelihood of you waking up from chronic pain.

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