As a survivor of cancer myself, I know what a person can go through knowing they have the dreaded 'C-Word'! However, some people are luckier than others as I was, but most go on a painstaking journey and terrifying rollercoaster of recovery. This is why today I wanted to tell you the amazing story of a lady from Canada and her story of how CBD Oil saved her life! But most importantly how CBD/THC is now managing to do so much for cancer.

Born in British Columbia, this lady who remains un-named has an amazing story that most could not imagine! In the summer of May 2007, she had a heart attack and following that a double bypass surgery. After the double bypass, she experienced chronic pain from a maligned sternum as well as post-sternotomy neuralgia. This unfortunately meant that the patient was under constantly use of pain killers to try to ease the pain, but nothing seemed to be taking away the pain. If we then move forward four years, the same cancer patient was diagnosed with anal canal cancer and was coping with skin cancer on her collar bone. After various surgeries, she was informed by the doctors that they were not able to get all the cancer and that she would have to have radiation.

After researching the procedure she discovered that there was potential for permanent damage and she would suffer second and third-degree burns. There was also a high chance that the affected areas would fuse shut from the burns and subsequent scaring. Reluctant about the treatment with radiation, she asked for some time for consideration. She was then told by her doctor that she had two to four months to live, at most six and that the radiation treatment was the best option available right now.

Instead she started researching the use of cannabis oil for treatment of Cancer. So What is it exactly?



Cannabis oil is a substance made of cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, which is found in the cannabis sativa flower. You must also know that it's the most concentrated form of cannabis products, which makes cannabis oil the most powerful. The oil can be consumed orally, applied to the skin or used as a suppository.  The experts also say that CBD might be able to treat epilepsy, although results are mixed. Other conditions it's been known to treat are Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's, anxiety, depression, and other maladies. CBD may ease inflammation, provide antioxidants, and relieve pain as well as many other things!

So how do cancer cells form?

Well as you probably already know, every persons body has cells. The body also has specific genes called oncogenes, these control a certain cells ability to either grow or even divide, however there are also tumour suppressive genes that signal to cells to stop growth. Cancer can occur when oncogenes are ‘turned on’ when they shouldn't be or the tumour suppressing genes are ‘turned off’ when they are not supposed to be. As a result of this, excess growth of cells in the form of tumours occur.

The exact cause of cancer is still not known, but research shows that various factors most likely play a role. These factors include: prolonged exposure to sunlight, chemicals, certain viruses and of course the classic of smoking tobacco.

So now you're thinking,  but how can CBD kill cancer though? right?

I am going to try and keep this as simple as possible, but it gets a little technical I must warn! So, when CBD binds itself to the CB-1 or CB-2 cannabinoid receptor on a cancer cell, it tells the cell to produce a chemical called ceramide that leads to the overall death of that cell. Whereas normal cell's do not produce ceramide when near CBD and therefore have no effect from it.

The reason as to why the cancer cell's die is not due to the cytotoxic chemicals, but because of a shift in the mitochondria. Mitochondria inside a cell is used to produce energy for the cell to use. So naturally without this Mitochondria the cell will have no energy ( due the ceramide stopping it) to do what is required and thus die. If ceramide is present at all it leaves no chance for cancer cell survival. Naturally, as you can imagine, the key and most important part of the process of 'Killing Cancer' is in accumulating as much ceramide in our system so it can go to work. To summerise this means that by ingesting any amount of CBD/THC into our system at a consistent rate over a certain period will keep pressure on cancer cell death rate! How amazing is that!

Cancer CBD

So how can CBD Oil Help you?

CBD oil can help you if your a cancer patient that is not convinced by the conventional methods of trying to kill cancer or even if you do not take "we have done all we can for you i'm afraid"to heart and are looking for an alternative method. With high quality CBD oil remember you are providing your body with huge overall improvements in well-being and increasing your standard of living in terms of pain management. As you will have read above there are many and an every increasing amount of conditions/diseases that can be treated using CBD oil and as I did and also the lady discussed above, It is ultimately up to the patient to make the decision what direction he or she wants to take! Normal western techniques? Alternative methods? Or maybe a combo of both, like the Cancer patient did by undergoing surgery and then deciding the cannabis oil route was for her. not i bet your wondering what happened right?

Let me tell you where she ended up:

So when the patient was using the CBD oil, not only did she ingest the CBD oil orally, but also applied it topically to the skin cancer on her collarbone. Within 48 hours she was already seeing a difference and within a week they had appeared to be gone! Naturally she continued to consume the CBD Oil and two weeks later the pain in which she had had for over 2 years was almost none existent. She carried on taking her CBD oil daily and slowly started to up the dose.

One year on from the initial diagnosis, ( bearing in mind that she was given at most six months to live) she returned to her doctor to see if the CBD oil had the effect on her body that she had hoped it would. After 3 examinations and also quite amazed the doctor said " it's GONE! I can't find anything at all! in-fact if it wasn't for your scar tissue I wouldn't even know you even had cancer in the first place." Needless to say patient could not believe that CBD oil had made her life normal again.

The Patient is a success story of using CBD to help kill cancer cells. When using any type of CBD product there is no ‘guaranteed cure’, but treatments give you an alternative to traditional Western medicine practices with almost no side effects. 

If you have any questions at all please get in touch on our Contact Us page. We are always looking to help in anyway we can.

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