What's the Correct CBD Dosage?

What's the Correct CBD Dosage?

CBD has an incredible array of health benefits.

However, it's often sold as a supplement, which makes finding the correct CBD dosage a chore.

While it's relatively non-toxic most people simply want to find the correct dosage for their needs.

If you're in that boat then read on. We'll show you how to find the right dosage for your needs and create a dosing regimen than works for you.

Why Dosage is Important

CBD dosage varies from person to person.

Like most medicines, however, people often want to take the minimal effective dose. In doing so you can mitigate the risk of side effects that sometimes occur.

While generally well-tolerated, CBD can cause some minor side effects and the occurrence of them goes up with increased dosage.

Stretching out your bottle of CBD oil also helps save money in the long run, which is a nice bonus to tack on.

The Key to CBD Dosage is Titration

People seem to respond quite differently to CBD. A relatively low dose is sometimes required for relief from symptoms, but in other cases, a person will need much more.

The key is to find the right dose for you, which means a bit of experimentation is required.

Fortunately, the titration process is rather easy.

For most people, 20-25mg is a great place to start. Those with severe problems with anxiety or inflammation may want to start with dosages ranging from 30-40mg.

From there all you'll need to do is slowly increase the dosage. The recommended amount is about 5mg per week until you're getting symptom relief.

If you've received a recommendation from the doctor, however, you should stick to it and discuss any dosage changes with them before changing it on your own.

If you're taking CBD multiple times daily then you'll have to figure out when the effects begin to wear off and time your dosage accordingly.

Does CBD Dosage Vary By Conditions?

The amount of CBD used is often compared to the severity of the symptoms that a person is experiencing.

Due to differences in individual metabolism, however, it's hard to find the right dose for many people to begin with.

For the most part, symptoms like insomnia and anxiety will benefit more from starting at a low dose. One of the rare side effects of CBD, for instance, is anxiety which means too high of a dose can create more problems in certain people.

On the other hand, when CBD is used for its anti-inflammatory properties in cases of pain from things like arthritis a higher dosage may be beneficial.

In the end, it boils down to what you think is best if you're taking it without a physician's guidance. Just remember that lower doses are less likely to cause side effects.

Ready to Give CBD a Try?

At the end of the day, CBD is an amazingly effective compound. Finding the right CBD dosage for your needs will take a little bit of time but the results are generally well worth it.

Of course, that also means you need to find a supply of high-quality CBD.

If you're ready to start finding the right dose, then why not check out our shop?

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