CBD Usage and Dosage



There isn’t a definitive way of using CBD Oil. What works for you might work differently for somebody else, so it’s often a matter of experimentation! Similarly, how you use CBD Oil will depend on your reason for using it. With this in mind, PROLIFE has put together a little guide on how to use CBD Oil.

Under the Tongue

For people just starting out with tinctures of CBD Oil, we recommend filling the dropper you’re provided with each bottle of PROLIFE CBD with your desired dosage. Then, lift your tongue and simply drop the oil beneath it, holding it there for between 60 to 90 seconds. 

It’s important that you don’t immediately swallow the CBD because you won’t give it enough time to enter your bloodstream. This method is perhaps the most effective way of using CBD because it enters directly into your bloodstream, losing as little as possible through your digestive tract or skin.

When speaking to customers that have purchased our tinctures for the first time, we often recommend that they use this method initially because it is the most efficient way to feel the effects of CBD.

An image of a dropper filled with CBD.

Apply to Skin

Whether you’re using CBD Oil to treat acne, inflammation or simply as part of your day-to-day skincare routine, balms infused with CBD Oil could be the best option for you. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD mean that balms can have a miraculous effect when used directly on your body.

You only need a smidge - about as much as you’d use for a non-CBD product. Simply rub into your desired location and continue on with your day.

An image of CBD balm on the skin with a love heart drawn into it.

Add to Your Favourite Drinks

It’s perfectly acceptable to add a few drops of CBD Oil to your morning coffee or cup of tea. It’s an extremely common way of using CBD Oil, especially for those who use it for a general sense of wellbeing rather than for a specific ailment. If you don’t like the taste of CBD, or you want to use it on the go, a few drops in your drinks might be the choice for you!

A cup of coffee.

What Is the Correct CBD Dosage? 

There is not a recommended daily allowance or a universal guide for CBD usage, everyone is different, but based on research and the experience of our clients – we suggest 6 drops 2/3 times per day to begin with – this is approximately 48-72mg per day. Of course, you can start with less and build up to a higher dose if you so wish.

Ultimately, you will know when you are taking enough for your own body. Properties such as weight and condition will have a big impact on how much you will need to take for CBD to start working.

Experts have said that you can’t overdose on CBD but your dose needs to be based on your condition and how you feel.

The key is to find the right dose for you, which means a bit of experimentation is required. With that in mind, we offer a variety of strengths in our CBD to ensure that our customers can achieve their desired effects as quickly as possible.

Get In Touch For More Tips on CBD Usage And Dosage

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We've also got loads of other great informational content on our site, including a guide to CBD and how it works, as well as an article on the many benefits CBD can offer. There's also plenty more to read over in our Education Centre!

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