Why Is CBD Infused With MCT Coconut Oil So Effective?

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As the CBD market expands, an ever-growing number of CBD products infused with coconut oil are making their way to the shelf. Our very own bottle is one of our most popular products, so why is it becoming the most preferred way of using CBD? Let’s take a look.

Why Use Oil At All?

When we take CBD (or any other ingested substance), our body automatically begins to digest it. Obviously, we don’t want to digest all the CBD, otherwise it would have little effect on us (and the effects would take significantly longer to kick in).

We mix our CBD with oil (such as MTC coconut or hempseed) because it increases the bioavailability of the product. The higher the bioavailability of a substance, the more effectively it gets absorbed into our bloodstream. When CBD can be absorbed by your body at a quick and efficient rate, it means less of the product is needed to give you the effects you require.

Furthermore, by mixing CBD with oil, we can far more easily give ourselves the exact dosage/effects we are looking for.

So What’s So Good About MCT Coconut Oil?

The reason MCT coconut oil works perfectly with CBD is because of its extremely high fat content. When we take CBD, it is stored in fat rather than water, so the fattier the oil, the easier the CBD will be absorbed.

It's this particularly high fat content that makes MCT Coconut Oil the prime carrier for CBD. MCTs (or MCFA, or medium chain fatty acids) are instantly absorbed by the body, without the need of being broken down. The only natural source of these fatty acids are in coconut oil, hence our admiration!

Aside from being the prime carrier of CBD, MCT coconut oil has a host of other benefits all by itself. Indeed, the power of coconut oil has been known for many years. The benefits of MCT coconut oil include:

  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Increases metabolism and helps burn fat
  • Can reduce appetite to help with weight loss
  • Aids skincare 
  • Any much more!

Buy CBD With MCT Coconut Oil From PROLIFE CBD

Here at PROLIFE, we can honestly say that CBD has changed our lives. After many personal battles with illness, we found that CBD was incredible and relieving many of our symptoms.

If you’re looking to purchase CBD infused with MCT coconut oil, then we have several options available for you. Whether you’re just beginning your CBD journey or are looking to move over to a higher quality product, we’re sure that we’ve got something for you.

All of our CBD is made with colorado grown hemp free of any nasty additives found in retail CBD products. Our CBD is lab-tested to ensure purity and quality, and it is entirely organic. If you have any questions about our products or CBD in general, then please feel free to get in touch at info@prolifecbd.co.uk


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