Does CBD Oil Cause Tiredness?

Does CBD Oil Cause Tiredness?

With more and more people looking to try CBD every day, one common question is whether CBD can cause tiredness or drowsiness. This is a completely valid question, as why would you want to use CBD every day if it made you feel tired? Similarly, many people who take CBD commute to work or operate heavy machinery, and in these cases feeling tired could result in serious injury or worse.

If you’re wondering if CBD can cause tiredness, then we’re here to tell you that it’s a common misconception that you’ll feel drowsy when you take CBD. In fact, CBD can help you be more productive, increase your focus and concentration, and provide you with an energy boost. Let’s take a look at this in some more detail.

Why Do People Think That CBD Causes Tiredness?

There are likely several reasons why some people think CBD can make you tired. Firstly, many people associate CBD with recreational cannabis and the ‘high’ associated with it. Indeed, this ‘high’ often makes people drowsy or sleepy. 

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In recreational cannabis, TBC is the psychoactive element responsible for the high and its associated effects. There is, however, no TBC present in high quality CBD oils, which means it’s impossible to feel high off CBD. It’s also the reason why CBD is completely legal!

Another reason people may believe that CBD causes tiredness is because CBD is known for its ability to help people with insomnia. Of course, if something helps you get to sleep, then the natural assumption is that it makes you tired.

This is not the case with CBD. The reason CBD is used to help treat insomnia is because CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress, allowing your brain to more effectively switch off when you settle down for the night. Even people who don’t generally suffer from anxiety or stress have reported a better nights’ sleep, which is likely due to the relaxation CND can bring.

CBD Does Not Cause Tiredness - Here Is Why

We’ve already mentioned that CBD can help with insomnia without making you tired, but why? The best way to think of CBD is to consider it as a substance that will support your bodies’ natural rhythms. As it repairs and empowers your endocannabinoid system (ECS), CBD helps your body achieve homeostasis, which ensures your body adapts to whatever situation it needs to be in.

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In other words, if you need to concentrate, CBD could help you concentrate. If you need a boost of energy for the day, CBD can help with that. And if you want to get to sleep, CBD might help you drift off, too!

In summary, CBD won’t directly cause tiredness, but due to the way it helps your body achieve homeostasis, it can help you fall asleep!

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