Our Story

We are Cherry and Toby, brother and sister, who have been very fortunate to reap the great benefits of CBD oil in the face of epilepsy, diabetes and cancer. I developed epilepsy aged 26 and diabetes aged 32 and then Toby was diagnosed with cancer a week before his 30th birthday. Enough was enough, it was time to take control of our own health and then share our journey as well as our very own, finest quality CBD products with the world!

"After trying different CBD oils from a few different companies, we soon realised that there is a huge discrepancy in quality and price and that we needed to ensure that we were taking the best quality CBD that we could find in the world"

From here - PROLIFE CBD was born.

After endless research, especially after Toby received his shattering diagnosis, we decided that this was something we were going to take into our hands – source our own CBD, take our own CBD every day and then share our experience with everybody else who needs this oil in their lives. 

We are now proud to say that PROLIFE CBD offer the finest cannabidiol (CBD) oils in the UK – everything is 100% natural & sourced from low-level THC hemp (<0.02%) and is lab tested to ensure and maintain the quality that we guarantee.
We are competitively priced and currently focusing on the most in demand CBD supplements in the market – oils, body salve and e-liquids. PROLIFE only sell products that are strictly GMO-free, vegan, organic and natural, with absolutely every ingredient deriving from organic hemp within the EU and USA.